Saturn 1B

Saturn 1B Made from Text Books

While searching the Rocket Forums on line one day, I ran across a company that was looking for people to design and build a model rocket out of Text Books.  They were paying money for this, I like money so I said I would build them a 1/70 scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket.  They agreed and within two weeks of getting the text books I shipped them this model.  Most of the rocket  is made from the pages of the book.  Spray adhesive was used to laminate the pages together as I rolled them into tubes.  The Apollo capsule and fins were made from the covers of several books.  All of the text book rockets were to be displayed in Houston at one of their flight museums and then flown later that day during a Earth Day celebration.  My Saturn 1B model never did fly since they liked it so much they decided to keep it for future displays.

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